Goldfish Arena

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Goldfish Show Rules

  1. Date: December 1, 2019
  2. Rules for showing fish
    1. This show is open only to members of Koiphen and the WWKC.
    2. Each participant will have their own virtual tank.
    3. Deadline for Entries is 11:59pm EST Dec 31 2019
    4. All fish shown must be the personal and private property of the registrant.
    5. The goldfish show is not open to koi professionals. For the purposes of this show, a goldfish professional is:
      1. Goldfish retailer or wholesaler (dealer) - Including employees and immediate family members.
      2. Any questions as to whether an entrant might fall into a particular category above, should be addressed via PM to the Goldfish Show Chair
    6. Each registrant is limited to 8 entries.
    7. Pictures must be taken between June 1st, 2019 and December 1st, 2019.
    8. Goldfish Pictures must comply with the following guidelines:
      1. Container is preferably blue (and preferably the same color as standard show bowls) as other colors tend to detract from the true beauty of the fish, but others will be accepted.
        1. Measurement scale must extend for entire length of fish and be marked in 1" increments with each inch marked with the appropriate number per example: Note: 1/2" marks would be a welcome addition and would help benching.
        2. Pictures must be taken from above with the nose facing the downward in the picture.
      2. Aquarium for side view goldfish must have a blue background.
        1. Pictures must be taken from the front of the tank with the fish facing right or left.
      3. Size classification will be determined by measuring the goldfish from nose to beginning of tail, and the fish will be sized as over 3" or under 3". Goldfish may be side view or top view, but not both.
      4. High resolution pictures will be best.
    9. All photographs submitted will become property of the WWKC show and subject to copyright restrictions regarding copying.
    10. Photographs may be cropped, but will not be permitted to have any other editing.
    11. Photographs will be available for all to see from the time of entry until the next show.
  3. Entry forms and fees
    1. Prior to entering goldfish in the show, you will have to register using your Koiphen sign on information.
    2. Once signed on, you will place your goldfish pictures in your virtual show aquarium, identifying size and variety and uploading pictures.
    3. This show is free to all eligible entrants.
    4. The benching team will verify that the goldfish have been entered into the right size and class, and may reclassify as needed.
  4. Judging
    1. Judging will begin Dec 31,2019 and be complete on January 10, 2020
    2. The decision of the judges and/or the entry committee is final. Any contingencies not covered clearly by these rule will be subject to the decision of the Show Chair.
    3. Goldfish are measured from the tip of the nose to the peduncle (not including finnage).
    4. Move-ups will be automatic.
      1. Move-ups will take place for those fish selected for Mature GC over 3", Young GC Under 3", Mature RGC Over 3", Young RGC Under 3", Best in Size and Best in Variety
  5. Varieties and Sizes
    1. Both sizes will include the classifications noted below.
      1. Oranda (Side View)
      2. Ryukin / Fantail (Side View)
      3. Pearlscale (Top View)
      4. Ranchu / Lionhead Top view (Top View)
      5. Ranchu / Lionhead Side view (Side View)
      6. Telescope/eye growth (Top View)
      7. Single Tailed (Side View)
      8. Top view other Tosankin, Wakin, Watonia, Top View Oranda, Butterfly(Top View)
      9. Special Varieties (Side View)
  6. Awards
    1. Trophy and Certificate mailed to winners
      1. Mature Grand Champion (over 3 inches)
      2. Mature Reserve Champion (over 3 inches)
      3. Young Grand Champion (under 3 inches)
      4. Young Reserve Grand Champion (under 3 inches)
    2. Other awards: Certificate mailed to winners
      1. Best in Class (Mature and Young, 18 possible)
        1. Oranda
        2. Ryukin / Fantail
        3. Pearlscale
        4. Ranchu / Lionhead Top view
        5. Ranchu / Lionhead Side view
        6. Telescope/ eye growth
        7. Single Tailed
        8. Top View Other
        9. Special Varieties
      2. WWKC President Award
      3. Judges Award
      4. Most Unique
      5. Peoples Choice
    3. Awards will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on January 12, 2020
    4. Awards for categories without participants will be left unassigned