Show Awards

Welcome to the awards sponsorship page. See below for the list of awards that still need sponsorship along with the awards that have already been sponsored.

By sponsoring an award you are not only helping your online koi community but you are also promoting your business or organization. Whenever an award is mentioned your business or organization name and link to your web-site will be listed. The more prominent the award the greater the visibility!

If you have any questions please contact the show chair at

Adult Champion$25
Baby Champion$25

Best In Size 1$25
Best In Size 2$25
Best In Size 3$25
Best In Size 4$25
Best In Size 5$25
Best In Size 6$25
Certificates- Koi$25
Grand Champion (any Size)$25
Grand Champion B (any Size Not Gosanke)$25
Judge's Award- Koi$25
Longfin Grand Champion$25
Longfin Reserve Grand Champion$25
Reserve Grand Champion$25
Reserve Grand Champion B$25
Wwkc President's Award$25
Wwkc President's Award- Longfin$25
Young Champion$25
Certificates- Goldfish$25
Judge's Award- Goldfish$25
Mature Grand Champion Goldfish$25
Mature Reserve Grand Champion Goldfish$25
Wwkc President's Award- Goldfish$25
Young Grand Champion Goldfish$25
Young Reserve Grand Champion Goldfish$25